The dream of flying

Since I was very young I had this dream of learning to fly. Played with the flight simulator a lot, and studied different types of airplanes. In 2013 I changed job to a more home based job with less travelling, so in 2014 I decided that now was the time to realise my dream. I joined Roskilde Flyveklub – the biggest flying club in Denmark offering PPL (private pilot license) flight training.

I started with the theoretical training September 2014 and on September 23rd 2015 I passed the final skill-test.

In the following years I continued flight training towards a commercial license, and finally in 2019 I joined DAT as full time pilot on the ATR 72/42 classic in Karup.

The time line for PPL


PPL theory

Subjects: Meteorology, navigation, law and regulations, human capabilities and limitations, engine- instrument- and aeroplane, aerodynamics



N-BEG radio theory

Radio communication with controllers is one separate subject. The radio training is finalized with an exam and a score between 1 and 6.

Basic flight training

The first 10 lessons are all dual lessons with instructors, and is aiming at flying the first solo in lesson 11. Training also includes pre-flight preparations. Each individual lesson is repeated if additional training is required – e.g. I repeated lesson 10 four times until the instructor was comfortable with me being able to fly solo.

Going solo

I went out on my first solo flight on June 15th and it was a great feeling. 10 hours of flying out of the minimum 45 hours must be conducted as solo hours – flying all on my own. In the beginning shorter flights with easy exercises and later longer flights with more demanding exercises.

Navigation flight training

When all the basic training is completed, it is time to focus on more demanding maneuvers, navigation and emergency procedures during cruise. The highlights are the two long cross country navigation flights. The first one with an instructor and the second cross country flight is all solo.

Final Preparations and skill-test

Before planning the final skill-test a final check must be passed together with one of the instructors. I had to add an extra lesson after the final check to improve a couple of exercises.
Finally the skill-test was passed on September 23rd.