Airport tour

One of the days I had been looking forward to is the airport tour. We already did visit the hangars some days ago, but the tour in the tower and in the fire and rescue was still outstanding.

Roskilde Aiport (EKRK) is a rather small airport and is a part of the near by Copenhagen Airport. Roskilde Airport is mainly used for VIP handling, charter/taxi flights, offshore helicopter flights and quite a lot of school and  private leisure flights. That is also what makes the tower in Roskilde Airport attractive for air traffic controllers because they prefer the versatility of different rules and regulations that are used to handle both VFR and IFR traffic, private and commercial, helicopters, props and jets etc. rather than just handling one type of commercial IFR traffic in Kastrup Tower.

During our visit in the tower there were almost no traffic – one single King Air aircraft departed during the 15 minutes, but it was also close to VFR closure. According to the controller on duty the tower could be quite busy and often required two controllers so that one could concentrate on approach while the other one would take care of the tower frequency.

EKRK tower

View also towards the east from Roskilde tower.

EKRK apron

View over the apron towards the west from Roskilde Tower. In the lower right corner you can see the terminal building. 

After visiting the tower we went to the fire and rescue service. The airport has two fire tenders which are able to respond to any emergency in the airport within very few minutes. In case of emergency they are backed up by Roskilde Fire Department.

EKRK fire tender

EKRK fire and rescue

One of the fire and rescue guys tells about there work in Roskilde Airport.

Last time Roskilde Airport had a fatal accident was March 6th 2013 where a small private aircraft with two people on board crashed while performing a low attitude turn in a go-around maneuver.