Becoming a pilot

The journey towards becoming a private pilot consists of a couple of milestones:

  • Medical (class 2) examination
  • PPL(A) Theoretical training and examination
  • Radio communication training and examination
  • Practical flying training
  • PPL(A) Practical flight test

There are several ways to achieve these milestones. One option is to choose one of the professional flight academies, which most of them have a good reputation. Most of them have relatively modern aircrafts for the practical training, and you can basically buy a preplanned package where you basically just need to read and learn and follow the plan. One of the cheaper alternatives in Roskilde Airport is to join the local aviation association; Roskilde Flyveklub, which also offers the complete package. The aircrafts are a bit more “classic” and both the theoretical and practical training are carried out by Roskilde Flyveklubs own members, which are approved instructors.

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