Becoming a pilot is rather expensive, and it is a good idea to put together a realistic budget well in advance. Below is an overview of my personal budget related to becoming a pilot, and the second third column specifies the actual realized cost.

(100 kr = EUR 13,50 = $ 14,50)

  Budget Paid to date
Theory courses 3.650 kr 3.600 kr
Roskilde Flyveklub members fees
800 kr 800 kr
KDA/DMU members fees
1.450 kr 1.684 kr
Danish Transport Authority,
PPL-theory examination fee
2.500 kr 2.530 kr
Books and tools 3.774 kr 3.608 kr
Medical examination 1.800 kr 2.601 kr
Radio communication training
including books
2.200 kr 2.400 kr
Danish Transport Authority,
Radio examination fee
2.145 kr  2.807 kr
Practical flying with instructor 75.000 kr 86.519 kr
Practical test 1.000 kr 800 kr
Certificate issueing fee 1.435 kr 877 kr
Practical training fee 800 kr 800 kr
Take-off fees 6.000 kr 9.158 kr
Miscellaneous equipment 4.200 kr 7.799 kr
TOTAL BUDGET / REALIZED 106.754 kr 125.183 kr

I have added a bit to my budget compared to the budget suggested by Roskilde Flyveklub. The practical flying is the heaviest cost, and only few make it on the minimum budget. Furthermore I have added a line for miscellaneous equipment, which is basically a headset and a kneeboard, a log book and a bag. Only the log book is absolutely required, but I have decided to add a couple of convenient things as well.