This flyer is my most important notes which I have laminated and put on the back of my pintoboard:

Teori huskeliste.pdf
Teori huskeliste.doc

I have created this Excel document that helps me calculating the flight plan and weight and balance for the preflight briefing. I am however checking all the calculations with my calculation wheel. Even though Excel is a brilliant tool, it only takes one wrong reference in the Excel spreadsheet for the entire plan to become wrong. Remember to amend the template to fit any aircraft you might be using it for and double check calculations.

Flightplan 22-05-2015
Driftsflyveplan – Skabelon – V2.xlsx

The template above also contain mass and balance calculations. Another school that I attended for additional ratings used another template for fuel and mass and balance calculations, which also easily can be adapted to other aircrafts:

VB – OY-LWA – skabelon.xlsx

When I use these templates, I simply fill the yellow fields, double check calculations and print.