Flight log

The flight training consists of 31 lessons (30 lessons + final check). Most lessons are 3 hours with 30-90 minutes of flying but some lessons are longer – e.g. some og the navigation flights and final check. For each lesson there is a plan of both theoretical subjects and practical exercises that all must be completed before continuing with the next lesson.

Main topics/exercises Date Flying (block) Land-
1 Outside checks, checklists, documents, taxi, parking, run up, basic take off, flying with light turns and landing. 19/2 0:45 1 Done
2 Engine check, instruments, radio handling, run up, take-off and Vy climb, trimming, flaps effect, 30º turn, gliding, approach (downwind/ base/final) and landing. 3/3 1:10 1 Done
3 Run up, take-off, Vy climb, speed changes, gliding, positioning, return to EKRK for approach and landing. 27/3  1:10 1  Done
4 Airwork with 45 degree bank and gliding, return to EKRK for first landing circuits (touch-and-go). 9/4  1:25 3  Done
5 Airwork with fully developed stalls in clean and landing configuration, return to EKRK for landing circuits (touch-and-go). 18/4  1:20 4  Done
6 Air work with stalls and turns, return to EKRK for landing circuits (touch-and-go) with power-off. 20/4  1:35 6  Done
7 Air work with engine fire training (emergency landings), return (identify position and find my own way) to EKRK for landing circuits (touch-and-go) with power-off. 22/4  1:45 5  Done
8 VOR positioning and interception of radial, engine stop during cruise, landing circuits with engine stop right after rotating and go-around. 2/5  1:35 3  Done
10a Landing circuits with power-offs and engine stop right after rotating and go-around. 8/5 1:20 13 Done
9 First navigation flight following a flightplan and reporting to ATC. 22/5 1:10 1 Done
10b Landing circuits with power-offs. 29/5 1:20 14 Done
10b Landing circuits with focus on the flare. 12/6 1:30 14 Done
10b Landing circuits with power-offs. 13/6 1:25 15 Done
11 Solo check flight out of control zone followed by a few landing circuits. After that first solo flight. 15/6  1:25 7 Done 
12 Landing circuits with no flaps, cross wind and power-off landings. 20/6 1:20 13 Done
13 Landing circuits with simulated engine outage after take-off, followed by solo landing circuits. 25/6 1:35 10 Done
14 Airwork with stalls in all configurations and emergency procedures, approach and landing on short airfield (EKKL). 26/6 1:35 2 Done
15 Solo flight outside control zone with maneuvering exercises. 4/7 1:00 1 Done
16 Simulated IMC (instrument flight), VFR approach and landing on short grass airfield (EKRS). Return to EKRK with simulated IMC – following localizer to airport. Power off landing circuits. 7/7 1:45 7 Done
17 Navigation flight from EKRK to EKRS. Short field landing and take-off. 22/7 1:30 2 Done
18 Emergency procedures and airwork. Short/soft field landing and take-off. Simulated IMC. 5/8 1:20 2 Done
19 Air work with speed changes, decent and climb in 30 degree bank turns and 45 degree bank turns. Approach airport and landing. Solo landing circuits. 13/8 1:50 10 Done
20 Local solo flight and landing circuits. Flight to and from VOR. Find and identify a specific building on the route. 45 degree bank turns and decent with 30 degree bank turn. 14/8 1:40 4 Done
21 Navigation flight to EKMB. Focus on flight plan and weight and balance calculations. 17/8 2:25 2 Done
24 Long navigation flight to EKBL and EKSB on ICAO flight plan. 18/8 4:00 3 Done
23 Cross wind landings (16 knots cross wind) and after that regular solo landing circuits with power off, no flaps and go-a-round. 19/8 3:05 26 Done
22 Navigation flight to EKRS with emergency procedures and landing/take-off at short soft air field. 20/8 1:45 6 Done
25 Solo navigation flight to EKKL and back. Full planning and ATS flight plan. 21/8 1:15 2 Done
26 Airwork with stalls in all configurations, speed changes etc. ATS flight plan for crossing FIR border to Sweden and land at ESML. 22/8 1:40 2 Done
28 Solo flying manoeuvres; 45 degree bank turns, descending with no engine, climbing with Vy and speed changes. Return to Roskilde for landing circuits. 24/8 1:25 4 Done
29 Landing circuits with cross wind, power off, no flaps and emergency procedures in landing circuit. 26/8 1:40 14 Done
27 Long solo cross country navigation flight to Odense (EKOD) and Aarhus (EKAH) with full planning and ATS flight plan. 28/8 3:10 3 Done 
30 Airwork, cross wind landings, rudder/pedal manoeuvres and emergency procedures. 4/9 1:30 6 Done
31 Final check flight (skill test preparation) 12/9 1:55 4 Done
Follow up/brush up on spontaneous navigation, landing without flaps, power-off and cross wind landings. 19/9 1:55 10 Done
Skill-test 23/9  1:30 2 Passed 
Total 51:45 223