Buying books and tools

Obviosly I need some books and tools for the theory course. The aviation and pilot supplies store in Roskilde Airport is very conveniently located in the building just next to Roskilde Flyveklub.

Basically here is a book for each of the courses – and they are all in Danish, which to me is somehow convenient when dealing with completely new theory.

A couple of important tools are required for the navigation course; that is the “computer” and the rotating plotter, which basically is a ruler with a rotating protractor attached.

ASA CP-RLX rotating plotter

The “computer” is a calculation and conversion tool that with its turning wheels and sliding grids makes you able to calculate speed, wind correction angles etc. and makes you able to convert all kinds of things from one unit to another.

Pooleys CRP-1W computer
I bought this Pooleys CRP-1W computer – good stuff!

Finally I also needed some aviation maps for the navigation course – or as they call it: Aeronautical charts (ICAO). And of course I need the Denmark map and the Copenhagen Area map, and they are by the way both available in PDF on the Naviair website for those with big enough printers.

Total price for all the good stuff was DKK 2.683,-

Books and tools invoice