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Medical (class 2) examination

To avoid negative surprises it is a good idea to get the medical examinations done as quickly as possible. There are different types of medical examinations depending on what to use it for. For PPL (private pilot license) a so called medical class 2 certificate is required. I booked an appointment at Glostrup Hospital (Aeromedical Center) 4 weeks in advance for September 2nd 2014.

The examination was carried out by specialized doctors in each of their field – e.g. urin analysis, heart cardiogram, vision, balance, general health. Within 2 hours I could leave the hospital with a valid medical class 2 certificate. The only remark/limitation was “VNL” meaning “Shall have available corrective spectacles for near vision and carry a spare set of spectacles“. This means I will have to buy a new spare set of glasses as I currently only have one pair.