First flying lesson

This day was really a mile stone in this entire project acquiring my PPL license. Getting airborne!

Going through the check lists made very much sense with all the theory behind me. The problems didn’t start until I started taxiing. I was supposed to turn the ailerons up against the wind while steering the nose wheel with the pedals. But that basically means that when taxiing against te wind, the wind turns right when I turn left, so I am supposed to turn left with the pedals and turn right on ailerons. For some reason my brain had some trouble allowing me to do that.

Once in the air I could only focus on actually flying the plane and keeping it levelled. Not until 15 minutes into the flight I could begin focusing on other things like “where are we” and “how do we get down on the ground again?”. It was very intense, and it felt like my body temperature increased 20 degrees – I had to ask my instructor to take controls for a minute while getting rid of my jacket and shirt. It was quite windy with gusts, so it really took all my focus to fly it. I really got challenged on my first flight and one of the basic elements of the theory got very relevant: “fly the plane rather than fighting it” and I did my outmost to do that.

The flight was 23 minutes – basically out of the Roskilde control zone, doing a few turns and returning for a straight in landing on runway 21.

Map First Flight

But really that was all I needed on this first flight. Now there are thousands of impressions that need to be processed before continuing on second lesson in 10 days where I will for sure not get away with just a few turns and one landing.


By the way I also spend half an hour during the day to buy some basic equipment for the practical flying. Since I kind of like gadgets this was also something that I had been looking forward to. I bought this very cool pairs of classic headset from American David Clark – the “H10-13X” with active noise reduction which is really a comfortable feature in a noisy cockpit:

David Clark H10-13X

David Clark H10-13X

Then I bought my first log book, and of course after the lesson I made my first entry in the log book:

First log book entry