First solo flight

Today it was time to go solo. For the last 4 lessons I have just been struggling with the landings … or to be more accurate: the flare. The difficult part about the flare is that you need to balance the aircraft over the ground and raise the nose without causing the aircraft to either “balloon” over the runway or smash into the runway too hard. It took me at least 50 landings to get it right. Today there was a 10-14 kt wind so it was also a good day for cross wind landing training. Usually you would always land with a headwind, but for training purpose we requested the tower to allow us some cross wind landings. That was fun and difficult, but actually it didn’t take me much more than a couple of attempts to get it right, so finally all my landing training has paid off in more than one aspect.

After the training, my instructor left the aircraft and I was free to do the first flight on my own. A very simple flight; take-off, one circuit and then land Again on the same runway. Airborne for approximately 7-8 minutes. The total block time including taxi and checklists was 25 minutes.

Finally I got my solo approval in my log book, so for the remaining lessons I can now on my own prepare the aircraft by refueling and parking on apron. This will save time for the instructor and I will get more flying for my Money.

Finally a selfie with my plane after a successful solo flight:

Selfie after first solo