First touch-and-go training

Touch-and-go training is an important part of the flight training as it trains all the procedures for take-off, climb, landing circuit, final approach and landing – the most critical phases of flights.

On the 4th lesson I was doing my first touch-and-goes – but not until we had been flying a bit south west for some airwork. Some of the airwork was rather basic but the time spand since my last training must have made me a bit rusty on the basics, so I was struggling a bit with it. The two touch-and-goes went alright, but after one hour of intense flying my brain was just exhausted and my field of focus just narrowed in and made the last landing a bit scary.

Check out the video of this training flight:

The flight was approximately one hour and we went west and then a bit south to get a bit more space for airwork under the Copenhagen TMA (Copenhagen Airport controlled airspace).

On the next couple of lessons there will be a lot of landing circuits so I will for sure become a lot better at it.