Getting into all the theory

I have already decided what my favorite course is; navigation. It is rather simple math and geometry, and it is really getting close to what this is all about – flying!

Navigation course

Navigation course – the navigation instructor Ole is explaining the difference of magnetic heading, magnetic track and true track.

The training is getting to a point were we have been through everything – more or less – and it is time to practice on how to use the theory practically by planning a flight from one airport to another. Using weather data and aircraft specifications to calculate the correct course and heading. This is fun!


A panorama photo of the tables during the coffee break with all the maps and papers and tools used for the navigation course. 

The hardest course is the metrology – there is just so much stuff to remember, and we are just touching the surface of the subject, so I often have the feeling that there is something I do not understand because it is related to something beyond what we are supposed to learn. When asking a question I have even got the reply that I shouldn’t think too much about how and why, but just remember it. But really it is true – it is really a balance to find the right level of abstraction. We can’t learn everything in 3 months.

Some of the more soft courses like human capabilities and limitations and aerodynamics are cool – and I don’t think anyone is really putting too much focus on these subjects. The subjects are pretty straight forward when reading the books, and the theory makes very much sense.

The engine and aircraft course seems to be easy for most of the guys, but just not to me. I have never touch an engine – I didn’t even know what a carburetor was until recently. Basically it is not a subject of very much interest to me, so I actually find a bit hard to follow the course because much of the talking and discussions became quite esoteric.

Finally the laws and regulations course was somehow straight forward as well even though there is quite a lot of stuff to remember. But a lot of the regulations are common sense.

Finally take a look at the group of PPL theory students in Roskilde Flyveklub fall 2014. Really cool guys all of them.

Roskilde Flyveskole Students