Solo outside the control zone

After a couple of solo flights (flying alone without pilot instructor) in the airport control zone and with the airport in sight, it was now time to leave the control zone to make some exercises and then find my way back to the airport.

On the agenda for this lesson was different maneuvering and basic navigation exercises. I had to use the VOR beacons for finding my way using the VOR radio in the aircraft. By entering the frequency of the VOR beacon on the VOR radio in the aircraft, a needle in the VOR instrument gives a left or right indication depending on how the directional selector (OBS) is set. This can be used to fly either direct inbound towards a VOR beacon or to intercept and follow a radial to or from the VOR beacon. Finally it can be used for finding the position of the aircraft by reading the radial of two different VOR stations and use the principle of triangulation to decide the position of the aircraft. All these three things I had to do today.
I think it was fairly easy but still complicated by the fact that attention should be shared between flying, looking for traffic and playing with the VOR radios and maps – that makes it easy to make mistakes. In the video you will see that it took me a little while to see that I had forgotten to enable the frequency of the second VOR beacon.

Now the practical flight training is half way done (15 lessons of 30) and now is actually the point where all the fun stuff begins; long navigation flights and getting more comfortable maneuvering the aircraft.

I am quite comfortable with take-off and landings as long as there is not too much cross wind.  I still have a feeling that every time I do a landing Circuit, there is something to improve almost every time still, but I have been told by mu instructors to be patient – it will improve further, and there is still lessons with plenty of chances to do some more landing circuits (especially cross wind).