Theory courses planning

After signing up for a membership in Roskilde Flyveklub, I signed up for the theory course commencing Monday, August 8th 2014. Already from the very beginning I had my considerations if I should go for the LAPL certificate or the PPL certificate. The theory course covers both, so I don’t need to decide before I have started the practical training. In the beginning I was mostly into the LAPL certificate mainly for financial reasons, but as we have already learned about the later possibilities to extend the PPL certificate with instrument rating etc. I quickly changed my mind. I just have a feeling that this flying thing will get too much under my skin to allow my self to setting up upper boundaries at this early stage.

Basically the difference between LAPL and PPL is that LAPL is limited to a take-off weight go maximum 2000 kg, and the LAPL certificate cannot be extended with e.g. an instrument rating.

The course consists of 6 subjects:

  • MET = meteorology
  • NAV = navigation
  • LOB = law and regulations
  • MYB = human capabilities and limitations
  • MIA = engine- instrument- and aeroplane
  • AD = aerodynamics

Here is the course plan:

Course plan

So basically 3 months of tough training is ahead. The good thing is that I am not alone – I have a dream in common with 13 other guys (not one single girl unfortunately).