Theory examination passed

Today was the day to prove that at least some of all the stuff we learned the last 3 months sticks to my brain. I passed with a result of 97%.

PPL theory passed

I was pretty confident as I have spend 3 full days over the last week just going through as much theory and previous years examination exercises as possible. The minimum score to pass is 75%, and I really need to have a bad day to get in conflict with that.

The examination is written multiple choice and is split in four individual examinations with breaks between them. As far as I understood this is however going to change next year.

PPL theory examination

PPL exam room at Roskilde Hallerne. 

One of the questions I had wrong was this one:

Wrong answer


Basically, the question is: Can you in case of engine failure get from point 6 to Kalundborg (EKKL) airfield and land with a glide rate of 1:10 and with an attitude of 4000 feet.

The annoying thing about the enclosed chart is that it has been zoomed out of its original scale, so the scale is now 1:210000.

The attitude of 4000 feet is 2/3 of a nautical mile (NM), so with a glide rate of 1:10, that means that the aircraft can glide for 6,6 NM. The distance from point 6 to EKKL airfield is 3,9 cm on the chart, so with a scale of 1:210000 that will be 8,19 km which is 4,4 NM.

Gliding 4,4 NM means that the aircraft with a glide rate of 1:10 will loose 2673 feet of attitude (1 NM = 6076 feet). So after gliding 4,4 NM the aircraft will be at an attitude of approximately 1327 feet, which means that the closest answer in the multiple choice is B.

Fore some reason I made the calculations with a distance from point 6 to EKKL of 5 NM, which will give me a wrong result. Never mind…


Next step will be the radio communication course which will commence mid January, so now I have a break of one and a half months, which is fine as I have some traveling with work and a lot of family events during the christmas.